Don't hate. Celebrate.

Sometimes people piss me off!!! Rising above just to get through has become somewhat of a regular thing these days. Don't get me wrong, I don't mean to be bitter or unappreciative but sometimes you have to deal with crazy people and crazy situations in this crazy world. I'm chalking it up to what I need to learn in this life. I don't know what exactly but I pledge here and now to try my hardest to learn from the crazy people who have been making me crazy. Sorry for the vague post but telling you "what" I'm talking about willonly complicate matters and will ultimately be useless information that is illogical at it's best.

Thanks for reading. Be well.

Don't hate. Celebrate.




Wow! I got a baby. Neil and are so excited to have Pasha as our youngest daughter. Puppy daughter. She is a special girl with a colorful personality. Her white paws to die for. OK...I sound dramatic but it's true. I just want to eat her up and play all day. 

The house feels different when you have extra heartbeats in it. I love it.




Coming soon...


Long time no talk....sorry

Hey folks! It's been more than a minute since I've attacked the blog pages. I'm back!!

I had a terrific summer and I can't believe that it is October. The time has flown and I will soon be celebrating my second full year here in Vegas. I moved into town in November 2010 and the time has whisked by. Yes...whisked!

I am sitting backstage at VEGAS! THE SHOW right now. Lots of changes lately and we are all adjusting to new cast members. It's all so exciting and new! Please feel free to sing the theme to THE LOVE BOAT if you wish.

Stayed tuned for more updates and blogs as I commit to getting on here more often. I have lots to share and I will be more diligent if anyone is actually reading these blogs. For all three of you out there (just kidding) I am sending you the greatest love and wishes for this fall. I love this time of year as it always brings a sense of renewal and I consider it to be the true beginning of the year. 

EnJoY! Great stuff to come



Friday the 13th

Happy Friday the 13th!!! 

For those of you who don't know it I am a big horror movie fan. This is an exciting day for me as I peruse through the tv looking for another favorite scary film or series. I love the Chiller network and Fear.Net. They are fantastic. I love to come home after the show and turn on one of these networks only to discover Carrie starring Sissy Spacek or perhaps Boogeyman 2 (which I was just watching). Last night I watched the infamous Jason vs. Freddy or vice versa and laughed at the fact that i went to the movie theatre to see it.

I will run to an opening of a new horror flick even if it looks bad. Actually the bad ones are the fun ones. Anything that has high schoolers or college age crazies in the woods with some backwoods insane people makes great horror! Hee Hee.

My favorite horror movie is Halloween. It is the best ever. The original of course. If you want to celebrate this Friday the 13th watch Halloween. It's a great movie without much blood if any and it will scare the poo out of you.