Long time no talk....sorry

Hey folks! It's been more than a minute since I've attacked the blog pages. I'm back!!

I had a terrific summer and I can't believe that it is October. The time has flown and I will soon be celebrating my second full year here in Vegas. I moved into town in November 2010 and the time has whisked by. Yes...whisked!

I am sitting backstage at VEGAS! THE SHOW right now. Lots of changes lately and we are all adjusting to new cast members. It's all so exciting and new! Please feel free to sing the theme to THE LOVE BOAT if you wish.

Stayed tuned for more updates and blogs as I commit to getting on here more often. I have lots to share and I will be more diligent if anyone is actually reading these blogs. For all three of you out there (just kidding) I am sending you the greatest love and wishes for this fall. I love this time of year as it always brings a sense of renewal and I consider it to be the true beginning of the year. 

EnJoY! Great stuff to come



Friday the 13th

Happy Friday the 13th!!! 

For those of you who don't know it I am a big horror movie fan. This is an exciting day for me as I peruse through the tv looking for another favorite scary film or series. I love the Chiller network and Fear.Net. They are fantastic. I love to come home after the show and turn on one of these networks only to discover Carrie starring Sissy Spacek or perhaps Boogeyman 2 (which I was just watching). Last night I watched the infamous Jason vs. Freddy or vice versa and laughed at the fact that i went to the movie theatre to see it.

I will run to an opening of a new horror flick even if it looks bad. Actually the bad ones are the fun ones. Anything that has high schoolers or college age crazies in the woods with some backwoods insane people makes great horror! Hee Hee.

My favorite horror movie is Halloween. It is the best ever. The original of course. If you want to celebrate this Friday the 13th watch Halloween. It's a great movie without much blood if any and it will scare the poo out of you. 




RuPaul is such an inspiration. Talk about a man/woman who knows what he/she wants and goes after it. Wow. 

I loved watching this past season of RuPaul's Drag Race on LOGO. It was such a special treat to see these performers go through the emotional ups and downs during the competition. Most of them handled the obstacles with dignity and grace but some were money hungry and a bit selfish. He has changed the face of Drag forever and continues to work hard showing viewers that Drag is not dress up. It's a lifestyle that deserves respect. It's an honorable competition and I am so happy for RuPauls efforts. 

I am a guy who loves fairy tales. I've only admitted this to myself in the past few years. It's probably why I love SMASH so much. It's a fairytale. So much of it is dead on and true to how the "backstage" lives of performers can be and yet there is a part of it that is totally dramatic and somewhat ludicrous. But that's ok. Isn't it? Drama is what keeps us watching and honestly the everyday lives of performers and their drama is not really that intriguing with out a nudge of extra story. 

I appreciate how Teresa Rebeck, the writer of SMASH, can find the dirty little storyline that keeps us viewers coming back for more and I truly appreciate how RuPaul has done the same thing with Drag Race. he is a master at marketing a product that people really don't want to admit they like. It's brilliant. Not only does he entertain but he makes you sympathize with these greedy lip synching queens who are at the core just real people in search of a legitamte dream. Success. Both shows make me feel good. The pursuit of happiness through vengeful, emotional and scary competion is good. Reality vs. primetime drama....who could ask for anything more. I think it's "smashing" dahlink.



Don't ask me then...

I can honestly say that I hate something. My Mom & Dad raised me not to "hate" anything but I have come to hate something in my 40 years of age. I hate it when people ask you if you need something only to discover that they can't provide it but then give you an insurmountable amount of excuses and reasons for not being able to. I'm not an unreasonable person so I don't ask for things that aren't within reach. Especially while I'm working. Come on people. It's rude and ultimately disrespectful. Don't ask me if I "need" something if you can't provide a thing. 

People are crazy. This business is crazy.




Excuse me...are you bored?

I am writing this little blurb as I sit backstage following a performance of ONCE IN A LIFETIME on the VTS stage here in Las Vegas. As I was singing a woman yawned in my face like a fat f*#king lion. How rude. Is it me? If I was in the front row of any show with a real human being standing in front of me singing his or her heart out I wouldn't have the nerve to yawn.


This is probably one of those things where someone would be compelled to tell me that I shouldn't take it personally. Well, first of all I don't like when people say "don't take it personally" because it seems to offer comfort only for the person saying it. However, I won't "MAKE it personal" (which to me is completely different) but I definitely take it personally because it pulled me out of the moment and forced me to think in the middle of my performance to "not take it personally." Ultimately, it's not fair to the audience but thank goodness I know the patron wasn't doing it to me intenionally. Ahhhh....now I don't know what I'm saying. Got a cue...bye.


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