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What a fall it has been. I am always amazed by the brevity of September and October. As I get older and time whisks by it just is awesome to think that the holiday season approaches so quickly. Crazy.

Summer here in Vegas was extremely hot. I love that. The cold weather is not attractive to me anymore. I will take the hot hot hot sun over the cold snow any day. With that being said, I had a very busy sweaty summer. 

For the most part I was in pre-production for a project I Directed and Choreograped for Norewegian Cruise Lines called THE LOOK OF LOVE: The Music Of Burt Bacharach. For those of you who actually follow my career and have perused through this site, you may notice that I did a Broadway show that carried the same name back in the early 2000's. Well, your right. I wanted to tackle the production and the material; put my own spin on it and jump right into the pool of Bacharach. 

After two weeks of rehearsal in Tampa this September and an installation on the ship in October on the Norwegian Sun, I am proud to say the THE LOOK OF LOVE is currently running on the high seas. It's thrilling. The cast is terrific and the line is interested in creating more of the same for other ships in the fleet. I am beside myself and very happy. 

The show follows a group of friends who are in on a marriage proposal. They journey to Las Vegas to celebrate and all hell breaks loose. It's fantastic, fun and filled with hope. I think the passengers ont he ship are able to relate to the piece and enjoy it very much. 

If you plan to cruise anytime soon please take a look. The show celebrates life, love and the pursuit of happiness. Who doesn't want that?



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