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10 Years!!! Let's Celebrate

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

The month of October is always exciting for me. I feel like it's the month where I take on new things, launch new projects and put forth new ideas. This month, October 2020, marks 10 years since I officially moved from NYC to Las Vegas, NV. I didn't think I would be here this long but I must admit, I love the lifestyle in Nevada. It has also been a decade since the Alliance Theatre production of my original one-man musical SAMMY & ME and it's the 10 year anniversary of my debut album ONCE IN A LIFETIME. The first major project produced by my entertainment company EnJoY! Productions Group. 10 years and two incredible projects that are close to my heart. How can that be? I worked very, very hard on both and I consider them to be successful projects not projects full of success. The album is timeless and I'm extremely proud of it. I had an incredible team who recorded in NYC and LA. The result is a solid project celebrating songs popularized by Sammy Davis, Jr. Great songs, great vibe, wonderful production and incredibly talented artists. 10 years later and I am still hoping it gains some traction. One never knows...

Many would argue that it was successful. It did ok. ONCE IN A LIFETIME didn't sell as well as I'd hoped it would and SAMMY & ME was not transferred to Broadway as everyone on my producing and creative team had hoped. Ah well. If there is anything I've learned in the past ten years it's that hard work but doesn't always "pay off." That, and if you're in a relationship with someone because they think you may become famous don't be in the relationship. Run because they will the moment you display even the smallest amount of "failure." Maybe I'm projecting but that's what it felt like. Enough there. Hehe. Boo hiss. Anyway, I'm not looking for a pity party here but it is true. Things don't always pan out the way we'd like them to. My life is extremely different now than it was ten years ago but I can always depend on October to get me motivated and reenergized.

10 years later and this year is no different. Yes, we are inside a pandemic that doesn't seem to show any relief, yes I'm scared to death about my finances (who isn't?) and yes the world really isn't venturing out to see live shows because there aren't any to see (a few are opening up slowly in Vegas). The rules keep changing and Broadway just announced it isn't coming back till May 2021. It's awful and maddening. It also doesn't help that there are people in the world who have no understanding of the struggles that people in the entertainment industry are going through. Ugh. All this and still, I feel optimistic in October. Somethings gotta give. Please.

I started out the month collaborating with Philip Fortenberry and since the shutdown started I have had the opportunity to do a few virtual performances and some live performances that have given me a sense of hope and gratitude. Sharing my voice at The Vegas Room has been a life saver. Unfortunately, it isn't an ongoing gig that enables me financially but it does help. What would really help would be to sell some digital downloads! Ha. Wouldn't that be nice. Go to iTunes and download your copy today

So here I am to say thank you to all of the awesome friends and family who have supported me by purchasing the album ONCE IN A LIFETIME, and to all of you who have showed support in regards to SAMMY & ME. October is a marker for me in many ways. I'm still here. I'm still trying. I'm still ambitious and I still gonna keep doing my thing. 10 years! Wow!

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