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DANG! It's hot!

Well, what can I say? It's Vegas in August. July was insane. Hot as hell. For real. It hasn't let up. Today the temperature reached 105 which meant I had to walk Keely & Pasha early this morning at 5:45am. The heat was creeping in that early in the morning. The asphalt was just waking up and the sun was beginning to beam down on all of us. Remember when people were saying that covid would be eradicated in the heat? What is this some kind of evil joke? If the heat would eliminate covid then we Vegans would be the happiest, hottest people in the world. Maybe. Regardless, it's hot and I thank my friend Robert immensely for surprising me with the most incredible adult sized inflatable pool. It's my saving grace at the time. Not just because I can escape the heat but so my mind can also escape the world for a moment. Dang! It's hot.

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