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Jacksonville Symphony

Well, here we are. The first weekend of the New Year. Look at us. What is happening?

Last weekend was really fantastic. It was an awakening of sorts for me. I traveled for the first time since lockdown in March. It wasn't as easy as it used to be. I'd lost my rhythm. Security at the airport wasn't my friend that day because I was out of my travel routine and forgot to take out my iPad and computer and all that stuff. Ugh. Anyway, the Rat Pack Symphonic appeared with the Jacksonville Symphony in Jacksonville, FL on NYE. A totally new way of performing. Wow.

Because of covid, we performed the show wearing masks. It was fine but very weird. I had two moments where I thought I was going to faint. I don't know if it was from lack of oxygen or if it was because I feel like I'm still 27 and can jump around like I did 14 years ago when we first premiered this concert. Ummm, no Eric. You ain't 27 and you are out of shape fool! Hehe. Covid belly.

Here are a couple of pics that show how different this experience was onstage and off.

We had a great time. I really enjoy working with Sal Viviano and Nat Chandler. They are the real deal and we do our thing together. Thank you gentleman. Bonus alert!!!! - I got to spend NYE with my great friend Robert Dean Hertenstein and his Mom too.

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