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Lots of change

Hello! I've moved back to NYC. Crazy, I know. I didn't think I would be living on the east coast again but an opportunity came up that I could not refuse. I have joined the theatre faculty at Long Island University. It's very exciting. I will be teaching students preparing for careers in the theatre and performing arts. Yay!

The past few months have been very difficult. I've been preparing for the move for some time but many of my plans were met with one obstacle after another. I could go into the details but it's not helpful and there's no need. I made it to the city, my first classes and now I have a moment to breathe and catch up. Whew!

If not for the help of family and friends I would not be able to do this. I am beyond grateful for the help I received from so many people. Thank yo to the core group who jumped in and helped. I knew I couldn't get everything done with the move. Your help is greatly appreciated.

Here we go!

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