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Thank You Sammy!

What a weekend! I had the awesome opportunity to share the music of Sammy Davis, Jr. at The Vegas Room. Three sold out performances during covid. How wonderful and what a blessing. I am truly thankful to have support from so many friends and family.

I feel released and somewhat healed. The last 7 months have been very difficult. I love to entertain. Not being able to do so has stifled my creativity and ambition from time to time. Everyday is different. Being able to sing and burst that bubble was so wonderful.

If you were there, or if you watched virtually on Saturday October 3rd, thank you for sharing time with me. It means everything that you joined us.

Sammy, I hope I continue to make you proud. Every time I have the opportunity to revisit work that you've popularized I have an incredible life changing experience. Here's to many more.

Stay happy, healthy and hopeful.

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