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You think I don't know?

In this unbelievable time of covid and BLM and political madness and...the list goes on and on...I find my self less and less tolerant for bullshit. Apologies in advance for the language but that is part of it too. I have never been the guy who walks the world using language that is considered rude or disturbing. I don't throw around f-bombs disrespecting the power of speech and i definitely don't put myself in the category of using peer pressured language. You know, when you're at work, or out at a bar or a party and all the people around you are using specific language and you find yourself falling into the pattern of that language as if it is justifiable because everyone is doing it. Nope not me. Until now.

I get so tired of the bullshit. That's what it is. Bullshit. So many fakers out there. Pretending to be kind and generous. It makes me crazy.

I have two beautiful dogs. Rhodesian Ridgebacks. For those of you who may not know what a Rhodesian Ridgeback is, they are very large dogs who are super friendly, very smart and incredibly loyal. In my house they are family not only because of their incredible personalities and souls but because the space they take up is vast. They are big to begin with, but unfortunately they are even bigger than they should be because they are overweight. I know that and it's something I am aware of everyday.

My oldest, Keely, is warm and kind. She is the first dog I have ever owned. As a child, I wanted a dog so badly. My Dad isn't a fan of dogs (not a problem) so I didn't have a dog growing up like many of my friends did. I love her and her younger sister Pasha with my whole heart and soul. They have given me so much happiness and they've also gotten me through many difficult times in my life. They are glorious, regal and strong. Anyone who has spent time with them falls in love with both of them instantly. Even those who don't have an appreciation for dogs. Even my Dad.

In 2015, I noticed that Keely was losing the claws in her paws. They were literally disintegrating. One by one. Keely was diagnosed with lupus and eventually lost all of the claws in her paws. For a year her paws were bandaged. Sometimes one paw. Sometimes two and even all four at times. What? Lupus? Really? Not my baby. Not my strong Rhodesian Ridgeback. This couldn't be happening. Unfortunately the pet insurance I initiated wouldn't cover any medical costs because her plan hadn't officially kicked in. Boo hiss (I ended up cancelling it). I didn't even know dogs could get lupus. Isn't that a human disease?

I jumped into action as any responsible parent would do for their child who is diagnosed with an illness. Here we are, in 2020, five years after Keely's diagnoses and she is doing very well. Keely takes several medications a day. Some twice a day. Expensive meds for the past 5 years. She is doing great. Her claws have grown back on all her paws and her symptoms have leveled off. She is managing very well but there is one thing. She is very overweight. Once again, I know that.

Prednisone, and other medications that she took in the first two years, put weight onto her beautiful, strong frame. Apparently, that's what prednisone does. The weight is too much for her. I know that. I'm not an idiot nor am I a bad Dad. I feel terrible about the fact that she hasn't been able to lose the weight and I've done the best and will continue to do the best I can to keep her comfortable and happy. I have one of the best (if not the best) veterinarians in town and he has given me the best advice for her condition. I follow it to the T. I've tried everything and he agrees that I am doing my best. It is hard. I love my dogs so much. I only want the best for them.

Now, to the point. Are you ready?

I get so tired of people and the way the choose to share shitty ass side comments. and shitty ass opinions.

Living in Las Vegas is awesome but the summer can be difficult for dogs. Taking walks early in the morning is necessary because the asphalt is hot and the heat can be unbearable after 8am. It's just hot man. Hot. At night, it's hot too. In other words, my girls tend to gain a bit of weight in the summer.

Now that it is getting cooler I walk the girls in my neighborhood at 6:30am and after dinner around 7pm. Every time, yes, every time I take them for a walk some neighbor has to comment on their size. Comments are to be expected because Rhodesian Ridgebacks are large but the way people talk to me and/or them is so, for the most part, uncalled for and rude. People offer up under-handed sarcastic conversation like "oh boy, do you feed 'em enough?" or "wow, she looks like she's about to explode". Fucking rude. this morning a woman stopped and respectfully asked if she could say hello. Keely and Pasha are well behaved so I had them sit and as the woman leaned in to say hello she grabbed Keely's face and asked "does your Daddy feed you too much?". Ugh. This happens every day with different people whenever I take them for walks in my own neighborhood. My response..."please don't call me a 'bad daddy' and my dog 'fat' this early in the morning. She hears you and you just hurt both of our feelings." She was aghast. As if I said something insulting.

I wanted to say "get the fuck away from my dog you rude, disrespectful, insensitive, privileged, ass. You don't know me or my dogs and your judgement is baseless and rude. How dare you." but I didn't. Like I said earlier, I try my best to respect the power of words and speech. Seriously? You think I don't know that my dogs are overweight? You have to put it in my face with your assumptions and offensive judgement?

Obviously this is a rant. I love my dogs. I would never do anything to them out of neglect. I am not over feeding them or treating them with disrespect. I feel that people make these assumptions and judge my faithfulness and care by throwing out under-handed comments like the ones I've received for the past several years. I'm tired of it and I just needed to express myself.

I must go now. It's time to pay attention, once again to the diets of my large dogs. The diets that include nutritious food recommended by my veterinarian.

Advice: If you go for a walk in your neighborhood and see a dog that is walking slow and appears to be overweight, don't mention it. The owner already knows. Keep your friggin' trap shut. Just say hello to your neighbor because your fake gestures of kindness are so transparent. I mean what do you expect? My dog to try to escape, run to your house and say "yes, he's feeding me too much." Ain't gonna happen. Mind your fucking business.

Whew. I feel better now.

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