La di da!!

Well hello an la di da everyone. Today is election day in America and I must admit I am a bit on edge about being on edge with this election. I'm not quite sure I understand why the race is so close but hey....it is America. Land of opportunity and opinion. So I am wishing for the best.

Yesterday was the last day of my self proclaimed vacation. I did another "staycation" because I found myself too tired to actually get up and go somewhere. I feel refreshed and ready to go back to work. I miss being onstage after a week. It's time to bust out a song or two and sing my face off.

I played with my dogs and hung out with Neil. It was pretty much a week of me trying to catch up with myself. I really have to concentrate on relaxing because I go, go, go! Good and bad traits and consequences in that, of course.

Antee wheys...off and running to get some work done for my future projects. I hope I can share some of my current work with all of you soon.

Have a great election day. All the best.


BTW - Check out my new pics on the site. Amanda Nowak is a very talented young lady who happens to be a Vegas showgirl and a sweet human being. We had a terrific time with the shoot and I continue to be inspired by her efforts, growth and continual kindness. She is awesome. Thanks for the great pics girl.



I just read an article...

i just read an article about a group in Germany that wanted to do Clybourne Park with a white female in blackface. Ain't that some shit? The playwright denied the action and stopped production. Brings me back to all the NEIGHBORS controversy. Take a look...here


Don't hate. Celebrate.

Sometimes people piss me off!!! Rising above just to get through has become somewhat of a regular thing these days. Don't get me wrong, I don't mean to be bitter or unappreciative but sometimes you have to deal with crazy people and crazy situations in this crazy world. I'm chalking it up to what I need to learn in this life. I don't know what exactly but I pledge here and now to try my hardest to learn from the crazy people who have been making me crazy. Sorry for the vague post but telling you "what" I'm talking about willonly complicate matters and will ultimately be useless information that is illogical at it's best.

Thanks for reading. Be well.

Don't hate. Celebrate.




Wow! I got a baby. Neil and are so excited to have Pasha as our youngest daughter. Puppy daughter. She is a special girl with a colorful personality. Her white paws to die for. OK...I sound dramatic but it's true. I just want to eat her up and play all day. 

The house feels different when you have extra heartbeats in it. I love it.




Coming soon...

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